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Dry Ice Blasting for Foundry  Molds

Permanent Molding
Aluminum permanent molders report benefits they've experienced by using Cold Jet dry ice blasting to remove coatings from their molds:

Clean molds hot and in place: Dry ice blasting is a thermal process that uses heat to its advantage. Because dry ice turns to gas on impact, there is no secondary media to clean up and dispose of as is the case with traditional blasting. This allows you to clean molds quickly while hot and without disassembly.

Non-abrasive: Cold Jet dry ice blasting does not damage mold surfaces, corners or parting lines, and it is safe on or near bushings, bearings, pins, ways and slides.

Reduce scrap: Molds do not need to be removed when you clean with Cold Jet dry ice blasting, so there is no possibility of mold damage or misalignment from handling. Also, ease of cleaning leads to more frequent cleanings and greater quality control.

Safe for workers: Cold Jetting with basic safety equipment* meets OSHA safety standards. (*dual hearing protection, face shield, insulated gloves, and pellet scoop.)

Cold Jet dry ice blasting cleans as quickly as sand blasting, but without the downtime.

Toolroom Challenge: To Clean an engine mount mold hot in a Stahl tilt machine.
Tool: Cold Jet's mobile Venturi System with 90-degree applicator.

Results: Cleaned both mold segments in less than ten minutes (runners not included). Tool was 85° F (29° C) at start of cleaning. Temperature dropped to 65° F (18° C) at end of cleaning. Spray coating was immediately reapplied and parts were made within 15 minutes of cleaning completion. Total down time: 25 minutes.

Cost Justification: One satisfied Cold Jet customer reports an annual net profit of over $105,000 from labor savings and productivity gain alone from using this dry ice blasting process on their 5 molding machines. Tool wear savings not included.

Proven Safe and Effective in Coreboxes
Cold Jet dry ice blasting increases profits by increasing core production. Rather than dismantling tools from the core making machine, they can be cleaned in place. Time that was once spent changing out tools can now be used to make more product.

Cold Jetting is safe and effective on both hot and cold steel, aluminum and plastic coreboxes.

Screen and slot vents can be cleaned without damage. Minimize expenses by cleaning vents instead of replacing them.

Cold Jet dry ice blasting units are portable and simple to operate. Easy cleaning allows for more frequent cleaning cycles for consistent product quality and minimal scrap.

Great for General Maintenance
Maintenance crews find that because Cold Jet dry ice blasting is a dry, nonabrasive, non-conductive process that leaves no residual media to clean up, it is a great solution for many general maintenance needs. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Cleaning graphite lubricants off die-casting machines.
  • Removing excess grease, dust, ink or carbon off general production equipment and hydraulic power units.
  • Cleaning conveyors without damaging pneumatic devices, bearings or electrical equipment.

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