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Dry Ice Blasting of Wafer Plates

Production Line Hot Oven Cleaning

Use Cold Jet dry ice blasting to remove carbon build-up, grease and other contaminants in your production ovens without disassembly and while the ovens are hot. Replace expensive, labor-intensive manual scrubbing using wire brushes and caustic chemicals with the pure and powerful choice of Cold Jet's single-hose dry ice blasting systems (Cold Jet AeRO 75-DX and Cold Jet AeRO 75). These systems have 2-5 times the blast aggression of two-hose dry ice blasting systems.

Save Money in Food Packaging

Cold Jet dry ice blasting can help you save throughout your production process. If you're replacing conveyor belts every 2 to 3 weeks, stop! One of our customers is a major brewer who found that our light and portable Venturi dual-hose dry ice blasting system is the perfect tool for cleaning hot melt adhesive, dirt and grease. Routine maintenance is handled quickly on the line so there is no more costly down time and belt replacement. But don't stop there. Maximize your production hours each month by using Cold Jet dry ice blasting to manage wax build-up and ink-jet overspray on conveyor rollers, electronics and nearby machinery.

Cold Jet dry ice blasting: make your production equipment make money for you... Indeed, Cold Jetting:

  • Reduces wafer plate oven cleaning time 150 to 200%!
  • Eliminates scrap runs!
  • Non abrasive, it can be used safely on electrical components and photocells.
  • Reduces maintenance.
  • Removes allergens and stops contamination for speedy and safe production line changes.
  • Uses food grade carbon dioxide which meets FDA, USDA and EPA guidelines.
  • Eliminates the expense and hazards of chemical cleaning, and avoids costly environmental cleanup.
  • Is a safe, dry process with no added waste.
  • Eliminates risk of product contamination from wire brush bristles.
  • Increases productivity in your packaging lines!

More and more of our customers in the packaging sector are telling us:

"Our plant cleanliness is having a significant influence on winning new business over our competitors. When potential customers tour our production facilities they often state 'if you can't get your plant to a like-new condition and keep it that way then you don't get our new business.'"

Stop the Fear of Allergen Contamination

It's nuts to worry about allergen contamination when you can use Cold Jet dry ice blasting to remove all protein residues on your food processing equipment! Replace expensive, labor-intensive, manual scrubbing using wire brushes and caustic chemicals with the pure and powerful choice of Cold Jet dry ice blasting. Allergens don't stand a chance.

To calculate your potential savings click here to access our calculator.
And for more specific and technical information see our technical papers.


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